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tuesday, january 16, 2018

Hi from Munich, Bavaria.


jSpirit 2018 — Spirits, Ski & Java

The last days were very full of exciting Java content!

Last Saturday through Sunday we held the first issue of the jSpirit unconference, at Europe’s modernest distillery in Hausham, Germany. It was amazing to see the engagement and enthusiasm for the Java platform and IT in general. You can have a look at the #jspiritunconf hashtag to get an idea.

What I especially liked were our giveaways: jSpirit style T-Shirts and spirit bottles.

All of us enjoyed the time and there will definitely be a jSpirit 2019 next year!


Continuous Delivery video course

Continuous Delivery is about shipping software with fast pace, confidence and quality.

Most of the enterprise developers agree that Continuous Delivery is a goal to strive for. Yet, most of the projects don’t implement a fully-fledged CD approach. This is where I try to support developers and companies. In my projects I help doing the transition to Continuous Delivery in a feasible way, starting from the status quo.

Now, to make this available in a different format, I recorded a video course for self-study, how to do this transition.

In this course we will see an example Java Enterprise application, that comprises configuration and access to databases and external systems — all things that complicate deployment pipelines. We will use the well-known Jenkins Continuous Integration server, that ships our Java Enterprise application as Docker containers to an environment orchestrated by Kubernetes.

As often, it pays off to be fast: As early adopter you’ll get 35% off until the end of February! Have a look at the course page. As always, feedback is highly appreciated.


Reading makes a different — recommended books on IT & Java

The person who doesn’t read is no better than the person who can’t read. - Unknown

I believe that in software development — like in so many other areas — reading books makes a huge difference in your knowledge, skills and effectiveness. I want to share the books on IT that I read so far and that helped me the most, and encourage you to do the same: please tweet your favorites using the hashtag #readingmakesadifference.

Some of my personal favorites — hard to set priorities, though:

  • Domain Driven Design — E. Evans

  • Continuous Delivery — J. Humble

  • Release It! — M. Nygard (up next: version 2)

  • Effective Java — J. Bloch (currently reading version 3)

  • Functional Programming in Java — V. Subramaniam

  • Clean Code — R. Martin


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time — then again with more technical content :-)


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