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friday, march 01, 2019

Hi from cold Chicago and welcome to another issue of my newsletter!

The last weeks have been quite full of travels to all kinds of Java conferences and events. I could visit the Jfokus conference to co-present a workshop on cloud native development with Enterprise Java and MicroProfile, Kubernetes, and Istio. Then, I went to San Francisco for the IBM THINK conference. This year, IBM made quite an effort to include a big program for developers in this usually rather business- and customer-focused event. It was very interesting for me to share knowledge on cloud native technologies that run on IBM infrastructure and combine it with Enterprise Java. I liked the “Code Cafe” venue, were developers could hang out, do hands-on labs, and engage in developer-focused video games, such as Command Line Heroes Bash.

I could further visit the Java User Groups in San Diego, Portland, a meetup in Kewlona, BC, and last night, the Chicago JUG. What’s next, I’ll attend the biggest Java conference in the US: DevNexus.


What’s new


CLI scripts auto-complete specific file patterns

If you’re a command line fan like myself and write shell/bash/zsh scripts once in a while, it helps to use the auto-completion features of your shell. You can, for example, define file patterns that are auto-completed as arguments for your scripts.

Let’s imagine a shell script that processes AsciiDoc file. We can instruct our shell to only suggest files with the .adoc file ending when auto-completing the files via <Tab>. In the case of zsh, put the following in your zsh configuration (e.g. ~/.zshrc):

zstyle ':completion:*:*:build-document:*' file-patterns '*.adoc'

When we invoke or imaginary build-document script with an AsciiDoc file as argument, zsh will only complete files that end with .adoc:

$> ls
file01.adoc file01.txt file01.pdf file02.adoc

$> build-document <Tab>
file01.adoc file02.adoc

Have a look at the zsh documentation. The same feature is available in all shells, not only zsh. In general, shell auto-completion is a huge productivity boost. Happy shell-hacking!


Upcoming events

The next weeks will continue to be quite full with sharing content about technology. These are my events for March. Looking foward!


jSpirit 2019 impressions

In the end of January, we organized the second edition of the jSpirit unconference. I really enjoyed the unconference-style sessions in the cozy setting in the Bavarian Alps. Have a look at the Twitter impressions under hashtag #jSpiritUnconf.

We’ve received solely positive feedback from all attendees and we believe this year’s event was a huge success. We’ll repeat jSpirit again early next year, and maybe you want to join us for content on Java, IT, and who-knows-what :-)


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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