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friday, september 13, 2019

Welcome to another issue of my newsletter.

Again, quite some time has passed since the previous issue and I could visit a few places, including a longer stay at home during the comparably quiet month of August. Since the last issue I could speak in Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Russia, Berlin, and Munich. I could also participate in two unconferences, the famous JCrete and the first edition of the London Java Community Cloud-native unconference. Now, the conference season is starting again and there’s a lot planned in my calendar.

Right now, I’m sitting in an airplane, as so often this year, on my way to San Francisco and the Oracle Code One conference. I’m excited to meet Java faces from all over the world again, and will give three presentations, mostly focused on Java. You can have a look at my Code One sessions here and all other upcoming conferences and meetups below.

This week, we saw the advent of Jakarta EE 8. I was attending the JakartaOne conference live stream in my home in Vienna and really enjoyed watching the show. Virtual conferences that span multiple time zones give very much this feeling that they connect people around the globe. It was nice to be part of the show and from now on you can officially start coding Jakarta EE.


What’s new


Ebook on cloud-native microservices with Java

I’m also happy to announce our ebook, Developing Open Cloud Native Microservices: Your Java Code in Action, on how to construct modern, cloud-native microservices with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. My IBM colleagues Graham, Steve, Pratik, and myself have put this together.

The free ebook shows how to build modern real-world applications using the latest standards and technologies from Enterprise Java. We’re using the combination of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile to construct applications, by focusing on the business logic first, and showing how to add additional concerns such as observability, fault tolerance, or integration, second. While cloud-native microservices touch a lot of different technologies, such as Docker or Kubernetes, this book focuses on the Java side of things, made for enterprise Java developers.

So check it out, get yourself a copy, and let me know what you think. I hope it’s helpful.

Oh, and if you’re attending Code One next week, you have a chance to get a signed copy, if you drop by the IBM Developer booth in Moscone South. episode on Jakarta innovation

I had another chat with Java Enterprise legend Adam Bien in his podcast about the further innovation of Jakarta EE. The main reason for the conversation this time was my blog post on a proposal how Jakarta could innovate in the future. My motivation was to start that discussion in the Enterprise Java community, since there are a few hot questions to be answered, and to start that discussion sooner than later. I think it was a very interesting and constructive chat with Adam and it showed that we agree on many points.

So please check out that episode, let me know what you think about that topic in general, and in any way, I can recommend listening to Adam’s podcast. It’s usually my goto audio program while I’m cooking or doing housework in my apartment :-)


Articles series on effective enterprise testing

I’ve put to a longer articles series with my experiences and opinions on enterprise testing, based on many real-world projects. From my experience, that topic is still too underrepresented in enterprise projects. For applications that are considerably more complex then “hello world”, it becomes paramount which testing approaches to follow, whether the tests properly verify the required use cases and whether they can be executed and maintained in an effective way.

In the article series, which is available for free on my blog, I’ll explain best practices on how to make testing more efficient, for different scopes and with different approaches.

The first part with principles for effective tests and the second part on unit and use case tests are already published.


Upcoming conferences & meetups

The conference season is just starting again and in the next weeks you will find me speaking at the following events:

  • Sep 16th-19th: Oracle Code One

  • Sep 25th: Bucharest JUG

  • Sep 26th: GeekOut EE

  • Sep 28th: JavaDay Odesa

  • Sep 30th: DevOps Conf Moscow

  • Oct 1st: Coffee JUG Lviv

  • Oct 2nd: Kyiv JUG

  • Oct 3rd: Kharkov JUG

  • Oct 5th: Voxxed Days Tichino

  • Oct 19th: QCon Shanghai

  • Oct 21st-24th: EclipseCon Europe

  • Oct 25th-26th: Joker Conf

  • Oct 29th-30th: DevOops Piter

  • Oct 31st: Voxxed Days Cluj

  • Nov 1st-2nd: Devoxx Ukraine

  • Nov 6th-8th: Øredev

  • Nov 12th-14th: Devoxx Morocco

  • Nov 20th-21st: DevOps Pro Moscow

  • Dec 5th-6th: Heisenbug Moscow

Wow, I notice that’s quite a list :-) If you attend one of these — you should — please feel free to come by and say hi.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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