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saturday, may 09, 2020

Hi from Vienna and welcome to another newsletter!

In the last weeks I’ve spent days mostly using this situation to learn new things and to improve my skills. There are a lot of interesting online courses out there that I now have some more time to consume. In the last newsletter I already listed a few of them. If you have any favorites and recommendations, I’d love to hear about that; simply reply to this email.

Furthermore, I’ve started to create some online Live Q&A sessions, I could participate in the very interesting allthetalks conference and a microXchg pre-event panel. Next week, there will be the JakartaOne Livestream Cloud Native for Java virtual event, that I’m already looking forward to.


What’s new


Podcast on effective development

I’ve recently published my first episode of The Effective Developer podcast. In this podcast I want to share some tips and background on how to become more productive in our daily job as developer. We’ll talk about how to get the most of our tools, how and why to maximize our keyboard usage, and also some ways how to structure our workdays.

The podcast is available on Anchor, Spotify, and more platforms. The first couple of episodes are already out there, check it out!


Live Q&A sessions

I’ve also started to put together some interactive live Q&A sessions on topics around development. The idea of these sessions is not to present some content, that may already be out there, but to have a live interactions where attendees can ask questions, clarify points, and provide feedback on certain topics. The attendees can consume specific content, for example video courses on the topics upfront, and then clarify any remaining questions.

The first two sessions, about efficient testing and effective keyboard usage were surprisingly well attended with more questions than I thought.

Now I’m curious about the interest in some more topics. I’ve produced various videos and blog articles in the past but would love to know where people want to dive deeper.

If you have some suggestions or wishes, simply reply to this mail or raise an issue in this repo.


Presentation on Quarkus from the ground up

I’ve created a video in which I explain the “supersonic subatomic Java” with Quarkus. Whether you’re just starting out in the world of Enterprise Java or whether you’re already an experienced Java EE developer, this session will guide you how to build modern cloud-native microservices and why you might be interested in Quarkus.

The session was originally held at the SnowOne conference in Siberia and re-recorded for a wider audience.

You’ll find the video here.


Courses on modern web development

Some courses that I went through recently and I can really recommend were the ones on web standards and web components (introduction and with Redux) by Adam Bien. I especially like the approach that you don’t need a fancy framework to get a lot of things done. The modern approaches remind me a lot of Java development.

I’ve done quite a lot of web development many years ago at the beginning of my career and it was very nice to see how much modern HTML / CSS / JavaScript has evolved, for the better. I had really fun coding some side projects and getting familiar with more recent approaches that we didn’t have back then, especially ES6, CSS grid layouts, and custom elements.

If you like myself wanted a refresh on how frontend development can be done in 2020, check these out.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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