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friday, august 20, 2021

Hello and welcome to my newsletter #53!

I hope that you’re doing well while reading this, and that you can spend a good time in this summer. I’ve recently finished moving to a new office, which has more space for recording, and since it’s separated from the place where I live it contains less distractions and allows for more focus. In the past days and weeks, I could spend some more time on new content, especially on developer productivity, Quarkus, and Neo4j.

In October, I’ll be holding new online workshops, on modern development with Quarkus. The previous issue of this workshop was well received by the attendees, so we’ll have it once again, on Oct 20th and 21st.

Also, for my followers and readers of this newsletter, I’ve published an early access of my masterclass video course on all things developer productivity. For more on that, read below.


What’s new


Building recommendations with Neo4j & Quarkus

I’ve published some videos and code examples on how to build recommendations with graph databases, using Neo4j. I’m using an example that recommends coffee beans, based on their flavors and user ratings.

Have a look at the content here

Especially if you’re mostly using relational databases, this might be interesting for you to see some different approaches to persistence.

The examples are built with Quarkus.


New Quarkus workshops in October

I’ll be holding two full-day online workshops on how to do modern, effective development with Quarkus, in October. These workshops aim to boost one’s knowledge, skills, and productivity for developing and testing modern enterprise applications.

If my content on Quarkus is interesting for you, you might want to have a look at these workshops and use the possibility to ask questions live.

Have a look at the workshop pages and their agendas, for details:

In case both topics sound intriguing, you can book the workshop package for both days and save some money.

I hope I’ll see you there!


Developer Productivity Masterclass

Right now, I’m in the process of producing a masterclass on-demand video course on all things developer productivity, and for my followers and readers of this newsletter, this course is already available as early-access version.

It is still under development and most content is yet to arrive, and for those who subscribe that early, I want to give a special deal with 50% off the final price.

If you enjoyed my content on #productivity and #automation, you’ll definitely going to like this course. The final content is equivalent of what we cover in a 2-day in-person workshop.

Have a look at the course here


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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