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thursday, january 20, 2022

Welcome to my first newsletter in 2022!

I hope you’re doing well where ever you are. My end of the year was quite relaxed and as it was the case all the previous years, I spend some time in nature to reflect my year and to plan some new adventures. Such time is usually one of the most insightful and helps a lot in regaining focus. On Twitter I shared both my 2021 achievements and goals for this year. Besides that I usually like to focus tech stuff, I do like the accountability aspect of sharing goals and I hope someone can draw some inspiration of them. Do you have a similar way of reflecting and planning at the end of the year? Feel free to share yours by replying on the tweets or this email.


What’s new


Enjoying Twitter distraction-free

If you want to enjoy Twitter distraction-free, that is seeing a cleaned timeline, or no “What’s happening” column, I can recommend the “Tweak New Twitter” browser extension that did a good job for me so far. I usually don’t spend too much time on social media but I like to check the notifications and not seeing clickbaity news or trending topics on the right hand side is very refreshing.

Check out the extension for Chrome or Firefox.


Editing structured text effectively with Vim

Vim and especially the Vim mode of typing has been a very helpful Swiss army knife in my toolkit when it comes to editing structured text. Vim recordings are a helpful feature that enable you to edit arbitrarily large files in no time.

I’ve recorded a coding session in which I’m showing how I use Vim to edit two different approaches of files using recordings and other features.

I’ve been asked to do more such coding sessions, and especially to slowly show and explain my approaches and techniques, so I hope that is helpful.

You can check out the video here.


Developer Productivity Masterclass early access

This is your reminder that my masterclass on developer productivity is still available at 50% off the final price, until the course is fully published. This early access is a special offer for my followers and readers of this newsletter, and I’m updating the videos a few times per week, so have a look at it while it’s still discounted.

Developer Productivity Masterclass early access


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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