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saturday, august 27, 2022

Hello and welcome to another newsletter.

In the last weeks, I’ve mostly focused on creating content, holding workshops, and a bit of traveling. In July, I’ve attended the JCrete Unconference, which contained many inspiring conversations and happened with a slightly larger number of people again.

August was mostly full of preparing stuff but also visiting friends and family in Germany and now the next plan for me is to soon move into a new apartment with a larger, quiet office room, what I’m really looking forward to. I’ve often mentioned the importance of having a good environment that allows you to focus, and I’ve also noticed how important quiet mornings are for me, with the ability that I can quickly start into some deep work without needing to “commute” first. I’m planning to create a video on my “home office journey” and some evolutions and learnings that I had in the last years, from living alone in one place, to living with my girlfriend, now wife, to having a separate office apartment, to soon a single, bigger place again. Different options have different pros and cons and I think it makes sense for us knowledge workers to optimize for what works well for us, our life circumstances, and preferences.


What’s new


Video Courses on Effective Quarkus Development

I’ve created two on-demand video courses on effective Quarkus development:

These courses teach how to effectively develop Quarkus applications with quality. Besides showing how the Quarkus technologies work, I wanted to especially focus on what makes sense for real-world projects.


Logging Performance Comparison

Following my blog post The Case Against Logging, I wanted to compare the performance impact of different text-based logging solutions that approximate the role of an audit log.

In the post Logging Performance Comparison, I’m comparing different logging approaches:

  • StdOut

  • File Writer

  • Buffered Writer

  • JBoss Logging

  • JDK 9+ System.Logger

  • Log4j2

  • Log4j2 Async

  • Logback

However, as one point of the post, I also wanted to show the impact text-based logging has on the application in general, as the comparison with the “no logging” setup shows, which performs almost 60 times better.

You can read the post here.


From The Archive: Java 8 Comparator

Time flies, right? 8 years ago, I’ve published my first blog post.

I was about Java 8 comparators, which shows how to create comparators in a builder-pattern way:

        .comparing(Task::getPriority, Comparator.nullsFirst(Integer::compareTo)).reversed())
        .comparing(Task::getUpdated, Comparator.nullsFirst(Date::compareTo)).reversed())


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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