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monday, december 19, 2022

Happy December and welcome to another newsletter!

A few times per year and especially towards the end, I like to take some days off and reflect what happened, what went well, what could be improved and to plan ahead for the new year. This year I went to a beautiful location in between mountains in Carinthia in Austria in a hut with minimalistic equipment, sauna, and nice view over the snowy mountains. I always consider such a deliberately quiet and alone time one of the most productive one in the whole year, as one can only allow oneself to see clearly when you’re not in the everyday hustle and bustle. This year was indeed a quite crazy one where a lot of plans turned out very differently, and it also contains a lot of learnings, new clients and interesting engagements, cool in-person conferences, and all in all wonderful moments.

For next year, a big focus of mine is to do more income-generating consulting and workshop engagements, as well as continuing my YouTube and video course journey, which is always fun. What fulfills me is when I see that the stuff I do really helps people, whether it’s in projects, client workshops, conference talks, or just a YouTube video. So for all of you, thanks a lot for reading, listening, or watching, and as a reminder, please always feel free to reach out — I’m very grateful for every single short reply, thank you message, comment, feedback, criticism, or of course like.


What’s New


Generating AI Texts & Images

In the last weeks, I’ve played around with the available means of AI text and image generation. The most prominent ones are the OpenAI APIs and methods, and in the following video, I’m showing how to use the OpenAI API with Quarkus to generate texts and images.

How to Generate AI Texts & Images With Quarkus & OpenAI


Coding With ChatGPT

The ChatGPT tool has earned a lot of attention in the past weeks, and with it’s coding capabilities the obvious question is whether it makes us developers obsolete and (more less dramatic) whether it can be a helpful tool in our daily work. I’ve recorded a video in which I’ve tried and explained a few examples, especially with regards to testing, test data, and example generation, how helpful ChatGPT can be for us developers.

Coding Session With ChatGPT — How Helpful Is It?


Quarkus Workshops in Apr 2023

We have new dates for my virtual, interactive workshops on effective Quarkus development and testing for April 2023.

In these two days, we’ll cover everything on modern application development and testing with Quarkus; the most important concepts, topics, and technologies to be able to develop with Quarkus.

You can register for the days individually, or both (and save some money). If you show up with one or more colleagues (or friends) or a whole team, you’ll get a further discount.


Thanks a lot for reading and see you next time!


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