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Modern Enterprise Java from the ground up

Enterprise Java has come a long way. Focusing on modern approaches how to do enterprise applications, where do we even start? What technologies, tools, and approaches are a good choice for our applications and what allows us to effectively implement business logic and to deliver value to our users?

In this session, we'll have a look at modern Enterprise Java projects, best practices, technologies such as Quarkus, Maven, Docker, 12-factor apps, and more. We'll see what fulfills the needs of our projects, how to design our them, and how to build effective development and deployment workflows. This session is aimed at both developers who are just starting out with Enterprise Java, as well as engineers who have seen the days of J2EE and who are wondering what the modern EE world looks like.



Thanks for attending my session! I love to share knowledge and to continuously improve. Therefore, I really appreciate your constructive feedback. Thanks for taking the time :-)

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