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Striving towards more productive development workflows

We developers love writing code, discussing and constructing perfect solutions. However, we very much dislike manual, repetitive tasks, and especially waiting for slow executions such as re-compilations, builds, and slow tests. Our daily coding work involves a lot of these tiny productivity blockers that make our work less enjoyable. What are the state-of-the-art techniques and tools that enable us to spend more time on the beautiful side of coding?

This session shows which approaches and technologies support teams in crafting more productive development workflows. Besides the approaches that have proven themselves in projects, we'll have a look at build tools, IDE features, testing best practices, and state-of-the-art solutions of building and hot-reloading of applications. We'll furthermore see how to keep a healthy balance between building and verifying applications locally versus in Continuous Delivery pipelines only. In this live-demo-driven session we'll see how close we can come to the goal of a perfectly effective development workflows.


Master Branch Joker Conf 2019 Japan Tour 2019
Joker Conf 2019 (Testing project)

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